I’m Having Some Of The Best Workouts Of My Life. Here’s How:

As a big-time athlete and gym rat, I’ve tried my fair share of electrolyte drinks and hydration powders over the years. Although these hydration beverages have helped me achieve peak endurance and performance while avoiding cramps, electrolytes alone don’t combat harmful post-workout oxidative stress and free radical damage that lead to long-term damage over time. I switched to the best electrolyte supplement, Kaged’s Hydra-Charge, and I haven’t looked back since.

Hydra Charge goes beyond electrolytes with an antioxidant blend derived from over two dozen superfoods, including real fruits and vegetables. It also includes taurine, which helps electrolytes get into my cells, maximizes cellular hydration, and supports my workout stamina. Add to this the five essential minerals in Hydra Charge’s electrolyte formula, and I’ve been getting the hydration and performance support I need.

I’m also doing this all without any mystery chemicals — Hydra Charge is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and non-GMO, with no colors or flavors from artificial sources. Each scoop includes not even one gram of sugar and only five calories, meaning I can meet my short-term performance and preserve my long-term health without compromising on my diet. Hydra Charge is super easy to use, too — I just add a scoop to my 10-ounce water bottle, and sometimes, I top it off with creatine, glutamine, and BCAAs too.

All the praise I’m showering on Hydra Charge would mean little, of course, if it didn’t taste as great as it does. I’ve tried all eight of Hydra Charge’s fruit-focused flavors, and the strawberry yuzu and orange-mango Hydra Charge are standouts. They make my workout drinks not just enjoyable but full-on delicious, and they’re nowhere close in sweetness to the unpleasantly puckering experience of other sports drinks. I saw this quality praised in lots of Hydra Charge reviews, and that helped me make my decision — one I don’t regret at all.

“I switched back to this after spending some time with Liquid IV. While Liquid IV has a larger variety of flavors, Hydra-Charge makes me feel so much better AND is a good bit less sweet. Glad to have this back in my life.”

Brett B.

“I love this product. The ingredients list is impressive, and I like how not only is this a great electrolyte supplement, but the added antioxidant spectra blend is great too. I know all my bases are covered with Hydra-Charge. Tastes great and mixes well too!”


“Hydra-charge is an amazing tasting way to make sure you drink plenty of fluids! I use a gallon jug a day and mix with other supps. Does a good job of masking any bitterness from the other ingredients. One of my go-tos!”

Michael S.

With Hydra Charge, my workouts are at their best, and I’ve addressed all my worries about my long-term health and recovery. If you’re looking for a hydration drink, try Hydra-Charge yourself to see what I mean — if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll get exactly what you need.

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