FULL Old School Arnold Style BACK WORKOUT! (Power Bodybuilding)

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This is an arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding style big back (lats) workout old school golden era high volume intense heavy but not chest back, just huge back workout. All exercises are shown, some sets and reps are not. Arnold schwarzenegger motivational speech in the background. Enjoy this workout!

I’ve been skinny, skinny fat, small, chubby, athletic, to shredded super lean with no muscle to fat but more muscular, maybe even obese, to shredded but much more muscle to stepping on stage and competing in mens physique to doing dirty bulking and gaining 60 pounds in 5 months on purpose, I’ve been through all of it and am still going for more. You can to! Hope this motivates or inspires some of you for your fitness journey whether it’s weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, muscle gain (build mass) just start!

Zach McAdam is a fitness & lifestyle daily vlogger and young entrepreneur that loves making YouTube videos as a hobby and as a platform to document and share experiences of his life.

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