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Bulking is the best muscle building process in which you have to eat in surplus and that will help you in muscle building . But many people make some countable mistakes in bulking which leads to normal weight gain . Weight gain is totally different than muscle gain because In weight gain you can gain more fat too. I am sharing my personal experience in this video that i have made in past but after that i have done bulking 3-4 times successfully.

Stop this bulking mistakes and this is simple lean bulking steps i am explaining complete diet and workout that you can follow while lean bulking.

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Mostly people think that i can eat anything while bulking and it’s easy process But lean bulking is not that easy you have to follow particular macros for proper muscle building.

The next mistake is gaining too much fat compared to muscle when bulking up. What a lot of people believe when it comes to bulking is that the more food you stuff yourself with, the more gains you’ll make in the process. This is only true up to a certain point. Beyond that, the extra food that you take in will start to contribute significantly more to fat gain instead of muscle growth, which is then going to take a lot of time dieting to get rid of. I’d recommend implementing a small to moderate surplus of around 10-20% above your maintenance calories, with beginners being at the higher end of this and more advanced lifters being at the low end of this.

Then, to best gain muscle without fat (minimal), you also need to avoid the mistake of not setting yourself a target rate of weight gain and tracking that over time. Because the rate of muscle growth slows down, the longer we train. Meaning that you should be setting a goal rate of weight gain throughout your bulk that’s per your training experience and then making sure that you’re hitting that goal. After you’ve set this goal rate of monthly weight gain, monitor your weekly average weight to determine if you’re indeed hitting this goal every month.

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