Do YOU have GOOD or BAD Bodybuilding GENETICS?

“I have bad genetics”
“He has amazing genetics”

What does that even mean?

In reality, the human genome as 20,000-25,000 genes. There is not just one gene for “looking good”. There are many which all play an important role.

Structure is important. Some people are just bigger. Bigger people tend to put on more muscle, or at least have a higher potential for muscle growth. More real estate=more potential room for growth.

How the muscle and tendons insert is also vital and can make a big difference in appearance.

Hormones are critical too, but it’s not as simple as high testosterone=more muscle. You also have to take into account cortisol, growth hormone, SHBG, thyroid, estrogen and many others. Plus, how many receptors you have is crucial, too.

Did you know some people just have MORE muscle fibers? They are just…born with more. Same with satellite cells, which can have a big impact on muscle growth.

There are genes like myostatin and Interleukin-6 which impact muscle growth and explosive power. Recovery can be very different. The brain can be vastly different, some people are just more motivated and that is partially genetic. Same story with personality, that’s a lot more genetic than we want to believe.

Fiber type also plays a role-typically fast twitch fibers have more growth potential.

Inflammation also impacts everyone differently.

Digestion and insulin sensitivity and appetite can all play huge roles as well but are rarely talked about.

However, all of this should not be used as an excuse. No one has perfect genetics, even some Mr. Olympias have very obvious flaws! It’s a good thing that they didn’t give up and just sit at home (unless there was a quarantine. Obey local regulations yo).

Just do the best to can, be realistic but don’t sell yourself short.

If you believe that you are inferior…you will be.

Push Press 3x1x80kg (low reps…oh well)
Seated Hamstring Curls 5 sets ~15-20
Underhand Pulldowns 12,3×10,8x90kg
Front Squat 5x3x80kg (this felt horrible)
Dumbbell Bench Press 4x12x30kg (easy)
1-Arm Dumbbell Row 30x20kg, 2x20x30kg
Shoulder Machine 4×10-15 (actually like this machine)
Chest Supported Row 2×20-30x18kg, 3×10-20x30kg
Adductor Machine Drop set

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